Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The little tractor that should

"I think I can. I think I can. At any rate I'll make lots of smoke and noise." That's my Ford 8N tractor in action. I inherited it back in '94 from my dad who bought it used in the 1970's with the better part of 20 years on it at that time. This thing's been around the barn so many times the headlights point up and down. But still it runs.  Yes, we converted it over to 12v from the original 6v system. And reworked the wires, plugs, distributor, capacitor, ignition, tires, radiator, brush hog, shoehorn, bedpan, etc... And I'm sure the transmission and power take off need a little attention. But who's keeping track of such details? Unfortunately, not me.

This beast gets hungry.  It will devour garden hoses (with the brush hog blade -- a tangled mess), water spigots (a muddy mess) fence posts, and wire rope (a glancing blow, fortunately). Most every outing is marked by one of two eventualities -- blood and/or breakdown. So far these have been minor in scope but major in irritation.

At any rate, a good tractor is like a good yard dog; there when you need it and elsewhere when you're mad.

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