Friday, May 25, 2012

Live bug, dead bug

Recently we've been overrun with black beetles. Scores of them on the grass, driveways and porch. Even inside on the shop floor. Our mild winter spawned a plague of cut worms that made extra food for the beetles.  What does the rest of the summer portend?

These have a curious habit; besides showing up in your sneaker before you put it on. They seem to simply give up on life, roll over and wave at the sky. The newspaper says they live two or three years. But when their time is up they're ready to go belly up. I tried gently rolling a couple of them back on their feet. But almost instantly they flopped over and resumed the death posture. It was like one or two of their legs grew too long and worked out of sync with the other legs to make them keel over constantly. But that's just a observation. I didn't get out the yard stick to measure.

They are starting to thin out now. Can't say I'm going to miss them.  Even the birds won't eat the stinky things. They give rise to a blind eye observation or two. These black invaders remind me to keep both feet on the ground and not to paw the sky when laying on my back. A person sure doesn't want to get mistaken for something that invites everyone to stomp all over them.

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